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SEFAR® CleanDisc - Yellow membrane to detect white particles

The detection and automated evaluation of light or white particles is becoming increasingly important in particulate cleanliness analysis. Whether in the automotive, electronics or medical industries, the changing application areas and demands require adaptation.

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SEFAR® CleanDisc - Mesh filter for the Inspection of Technical Cleanliness

Particulate cleanliness analysis is an essential part in quality control when producing functionally relevant automotive components. Increasing quality requirement of components and new applications in the automotive, electronic or medical industry lead to changes in requirements and usage. Sefar has adapted the mesh filter by making the analysis more easy. 
The new clean, safeguarded and easy to handle mesh filter system helps to fulfill the needs in modern laboratories according to VDA 19.1 & ISO 16232. 

Learn how this new SEFAR® CleanDisc system works and profit from the know how we gathered during the development phase and through various discussions with user. 

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